Anders Hedner was born in 1801 in Vimmerby parish. His family was poor, but he still managed to pursue his studies by working here and there. He was ordained in 1837. In 1844 he began his service in Asby.  His test sermon was so excellent he was elected by a large majority, it is said. The people who had gathered in the church grounds after the sermon had said, “We’re going to have him and no one else".

Anders Hedner

He married Mathilda Kahlén in 1837. They were very happy together although they did not have children. They complemented each other well, it is said. Anders Hedner was very learned, loved nature, was a skilful botanist but impractical. Mathilda was apparently lively, humorous, controlling and more practical.

Anders Hedner was very popular. His sermons were well written, thought through and easy to absorb. They were so popular that his parishioners borrowed them to read them again!