Romantic places in the park

Anders Hedner was inspired by the romantic period and he had friends such as Atterbom, the great romantic poet. He gave poetic and romantic names to many places in the park.

·         Mathildas spegel  (Mathilda’s Mirror) – this was the name he gave to the lake Lillsjön which lies just downhill from the vicarage and which surrounds the park

Mathilda´s mirror

·             Lycksalighetens ö (Island of Bliss) – an island Hedner created on the southern side of the promontory. A small arched wooden bridge, painted white with green details, led onto the island. Here were two white wooden benches for pausing and admiring the view.

·             Älvblick (Elf’s Gaze) – this was the name of the view from Lycksalighetens ö (Island of Bliss).

·         Älvdal, Älvtall  (River Valley, River Pine) – the names of a couple of places on the way to Elfhem.

·             Najadernas grotta (Naiads’ Cave) – lies at the far end of the park. The inscription AHDR is engraved on the rock wall. According to Greek mythology the Naiads were fresh-water nymphs who had command over streams and lakes, etc.

  • Elfhem (Elf Home) – this is on the opposite side of the path to Najadernas grotta. ”Elfhem” is engraved on the rock. A stone stands on the rock which is mentioned in the National Heritage Board’s inventory as ”phallus-like”. Hedner hung a painting here with the words "Här sjunger fogeln på sin gren Guds lof. Vill, mänska, du ej däruti instämma?" (“Here sits the bird on its branch and sings God’s praise. Mankind, do you not want to join in?”)Elfhem

· Eols håla (Eol's lair) – this is supposed to have been next to Najadernas grotta.