The vicarage

The vicarage in Asby was established in 1714. There was a garden there long before Hedner’s time. When he came to Asby in 1844 it was nothing special however. He worked very hard on it. He planted trees, built a summerhouse, created alleys, alcoves, winding paths and even a small island in Lillsjön.  

He planted a large number of fruit trees in the garden. There was a cherry and plum orchard amongst other things. His wife had her own apple tree by the big path in the middle of the kitchen garden.

Hedner cleared the promontory which jutted out into Lillsjön, and created the park there. He collected plants from different places. It is said that every species of Swedish tree could be found there, as well as just about all European tree species. His beech saplings came from Omberg. He also ordered four yew trees from there.